The year has been a wonderful year, with so many challenges, but we are so thankful to all our partners, prospects and clients who have stood with us and did business with us.

Raadaa Partners International Limited is a technology, research and data company that provides cutting edge technological innovations and products that meets critical societal problems. Raadaa Partners facilitates optimal web presence, performance and efficient service delivery for organizations and institutions. Our operations are thus, geared towards providing innovative solutions to various current research, education, business enterprise and professional needs and those of the future.

Raadaa’s mission is not only to solve current challenges facing our society, but to build innovative solutions and products that will cater for the future needs and demands of the society. In Raadaa, we inspire the realization of ambitious, impossible and previously unbelievable solutions to the problems and challenges of humanity using technology, innovation, hard work, creativity and honesty. Our current products and services includes but not limited to;

Our competitive advantage is in our localness. We are an indigenous African company headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria with branches in Lagos, (South West region) Nigeria and Enugu, (South East region) Nigeria. Our strategic locations in all the three major regions in/of Nigeria grants us easy access of round-the-clock and speedy response to our numerous clients all over Nigeria. This is in addition to our 24/7 digital/online and backend support system which has witnessed zero downtime since our business genesis. We provide extensive technical/ back-end support to our clients in various forms including responses to queries, sustained and routine maintenance checks on the platforms (by our technology department), physical follow-up visits to our clients when the situation demands, etc.

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This helps schools, researchers and organization to check the publish and get paid for their research work

Raadaa Open Educational Resource Platform

This platform helps organizations and schools to install a research work publishing portal on their website directly and collate institutional books and other digital contents to the general public.

Raadaa University Portal

We provide secured Student Information management systems for tertiary institutions

Raadaa Secondary School Portal :

We provide secured Student Information management systems for Secondary Schools

Raadaa Enterprise Manager (Business Accounting and Inventory Software)

Seamless business management application

Raadaa Syllabi

Digital Contents and E-Learning Application

Raadaa Open Educational Repository Dashboard

Provides analytics on repositories

Artificial Intelligence

We bring the power of computing to your door by leveraging on various machine learning algorithms and data

Blockchain Technology

Decentralized systems provide for fail-proof computing

Internet of Things

From Micro-controllers to the internet, we automate everything in your office and home fomr your mobile phone.

ICT Training

We offer various levels of ICT traing=ing for organisations and staff at different levels of computing.

Raadaa Learn

Raadaa Learn is a marketplace for learning and instruction, for schools and professionals by connecting students all over Nigeria, Africa, and the world to the best instructors and available courses. These are made available on this easy to use learning platform. Raadaa Learn provides the educational platform for individuals to reach their goals and pursue their dreams by gaining knowledge and skills though a platform that bridges distance. We envision a world where people can interact and transform their lives through knowledge sharing.

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Raadaa Business Office Manager

The Raadaa Business Office Manager (BOM) is an advanced and secure platform, that ameliorates the deficiencies in the organization’s administrative process. With its interactive and user-friendly interface, it incorporates finance, human resources and operational activities into one platform.

Raadaa BOM also features a centralized file cabinet where files of various categories like recruitment, staff, operations, marketing, etc. are stored. Users can easily request, share or send files to others on the platform or via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

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