Untold Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB And Other Exams

It is often assumed that many candidates that fail JAMB exams are not academically sound. This may not be really true. There are many students that are sound and intelligent but have to take JAMB more than two times before they are able to get a good score to secure admission. There are untold reasons candidates fail in JAMB apart from not being academically sound.

Based on personal observations, below are 4 untold reasons students fail JAMB as well as other exams;

1. Examination Centres
You may be shocked at this, but the truth is that the centre where you take your JAMB exam matters. There have been many instances of JAMB cancelling the result of a whole centre or reducing the scores of the candidates that took their exams in a centre due to malpractice and other irregularities. Situations like these usually affect many candidates who may not have engaged in any form of malpractice.

In cases like this, there’s little or nothing a candidate can do. However, I will advise candidates to report any malpractice or irregularity they notice in their centre to an invigilator so that only the candidates or officials that are involved will be punished because if it is not reported and JAMB gets to know about it, JAMB will assume that everyone in the centre is guilty. Though JAMB said it normally carries out investigations before taking action in such cases but we really do not know how thorough the investigation usually is.

2. Failure to Read Instructions
The moment you fail to read instructions before starting an exam, you are not far from failure already. Instructions will guide you on what to do and what not to do. Failure to read instructions and follow them is the reason many candidates fail to see their results after the JAMB exam. Please ensure you read every instruction given to you before answering the questions.

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3. Lack of Speed
Not being fast enough in answering the questions is another issue some candidates have. For every exam, there is a time limit for you to answer all the questions you are supposed to answer. Speed is especially needed when you are taking an exam like the JAMB CBT. This is why I advise candidates to ensure they get the JAMB CBT Test or JAMB past questions . This will help you practice JAMB Past questions, understand how JAMB questions are asked and help you improve your speed with time.

You can equally time your self by setting a time limit and try to answer as many questions as you can before the time finishes. Once you are done, try again but this time ensure you answer more questions than you did the last time within the same amount of time.

4. Lack of Preparation
I don’t need to write much on this one. If you fail to prepare for any exam, then it means that you are actually preparing to fail the exam. Many candidates fail not because they are not academically sound or intelligent but because they fail to actually prepare for the exam. To prepare well for an exam as JAMB, you need to do all you can to eliminate any form of distractions. Stay off social media if you can. Unless you have an online study group you are part of for the purpose of the exam.

Find what works for you and stick to it; is it studying alone? studying in a group? Going for tutorials? etc. Just stick to any study pattern that works for you and make the most of it.





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