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The e-learning market is constantly growing and has become quite widespread in both the academic and business sectors. The growth in the online learning market is a result of the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of digital knowledge you can get from any part if the world. Now is the time to make your expertise count with Raadaa Learn tips to monetize your knowledge.

Sharing your skills through online courses is one of the best ways to monetize your knowledge. But before you start to actually sell your course, you need to figure out your niche.


Figure out what topics are in demand by looking at which courses are selling well. Make sure that your content stands out. Finally, pick a topic that corresponds to your expertise. Also, when creating a product think about some of the difficulties that people have and offer them a solution.


Investigate user demand by searching for key phrases like:

  • “How do you”
  • “How can I”
  • “Any tips for”
  • “Suggestions”

The top search results can be used as the first draft of your future online course. Find your passion and research its profit potential. A good question to ask in order to help you figure out your niche is: “Do people spend money to solve this problem?” If you have the right match of passion+profit, continue to the next step by filling this simple form lets send you all the 15 steps you can take to monetize your knowledge.  Click HERE


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