The article considers the issue of storage, cataloging and transfer of documentation within the electronic document management system (EDMS). Modern document management solutions can be considered as the intersection of traditional and digital technologies, in particular, the storage of software code on paper. The very storage of program code in paper version implies a large archive for data storage, which includes modifications when versions of the program code are updated. Graphical ways of storing large amounts of data have been known for a long time, but they usually use a long procedure for restoring the original information and exclude recovery from paper or are significantly limited in the amount of stored data. As one of the elements of the composite electronic document management system it is proposed to use the method of graphical encoding of information (QR-code generation technology), which will increase the resistance to unauthorized modification of the program code, simplify the procedure for storing, identifying and verifying information. As an elementary block of information, it is intended to use a separate software module responsible for one of the subprograms in the RTOS environment. The proposed algorithm for storing and transferring information implies its compression by software, encryption and transmission. The article compares various compression algorithms and their efficiency. Raadaa Electronic Document Management System offers a unique way to manage documents electronically. Why not get in touch with us today for your EDMS 

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