Monetize Your Skills With Raadaa Learn

In our fast global world today, many people are converting their skill to profitable assets. Skill monetization now very paramount to as many people are looking to learn something new on a daily basis. You can offer these skills to our online community with Raadaa Learn. Raadaa Learn a 21st century learning platforms that make is possible for people from all works of life to learn and acquire skills from the comfort of their homes. Raadaa learn offers a unified learning platform both for primary schools, secondary schools, universities and professionals. All learning integrated into one platform. Raadaa learn gives you the privilege as a professional tutor to create courses and upload them on our platform. These courses can come inform of video, audio, eBooks’ for students.

Parts of the benefits you will get as a tutor on our platform includes the following:

  1. You earn from your course uploaded on our platform for life
  2. You get marketing, materials to promote your course both on our platform and outside our platform
  3. You can create more than one course on our platform, as you are not limited to one course creation. You will also earn from all the courses you have created
  4. Fast Payout of your earnings
  5. Enrollment of student easy and fast
  6. Access to dashboard to monitor all your activities and student activities
  7. Technical support


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