My School

My school celebrated her Golden jubilee (50years anniversary) today. Around 10am they were yet to start and I didn’t eat this before going to school.

I decided to manage and stay but the hunger became unbearable and there’s nothing like crates of minerals not to talk of coolers of food in sight. But I saw item 7 in the program. The time it will come is what I don’t know.

So I left. I entered keke. We got to a round about and he stopped to look for passengers. He sighted two women and boom he took one way to go and carry them. Cars and keke’s dodged us. I wasn’t bothered much because I felt he was just hustling for passengers.

Meanwhile, there’s a boy sitting in front of the keke sipping coke. I don’t know if he’s a passenger or a friend to the keke guy.

I have always heard that guys around here don’t drink just coke. They add some substances that can get one high inside.

So this keke guy was speeding like a car. He will overtake a car and stay in between the two lanes. Cars will honk repeatedly before he will shift. Once they pass he will go back to the white line again.

The air coming into the keke was so much that I was holding the keke with one hand and my cloth and handbag with the other.

I was wondering what I was still doing inside the keke and we got to a luxurious bus on one lane and keke on the other. Our keke driver attempted to pass in between the keke and the bus but he couldn’t.


Then he decided to force himself in. I moved my leg forward thinking I was marching the break but nothing happened. I was sitting close to the luxurious.

The keke got hooked at the middle. The luxurious pushed it towards the other keke and it made a kakakakakakakaka noise. I died. And resurrected.

Then our keke driver stepped on his break with energy and the luxurious moved ahead.

Just within seconds that this happened and we the passengers were still trying to recover, the keke guy started to fire again. I hit him on the back twice and he stopped. I came down without talking and paid him.

He said why am I stopping here that I have not gotten to my destination….
I asked him if we’re going to the same place and he said no and I left.

I cannot come and die a shameful death inside keke because of #50. I entered another one and went home in peace.

The whole hunger disappeared

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