I had a lover.

His name was Charles.

We talked every time we found the space to. Had midnight calls. We never met.

He was a radio presenter. Anchored a relationship programme from 7pm to 8pm every Tuesdays.

It was during one of those programs that we got talking. I was interested in the topic he talked about that lovely evening.

I called and contributed. Later around 9pm, I got a call from the radio line I called earlier.

It was him. He used his personal line for the program.

“Hey, it’s … you called earlier today on my program over the radio. I was mesmerised by the voice I heard. It sounded so innocent and yet so mature. It felt like I was talking to a baby”.

He went ahead.

“I’m from Anambra but currently in Abakaliki working with unity Fm. I want to get closer to that voice if you would let me”

“Is this how you call all your callers back?” I asked filled with joy about talking to an OAP. Though I did sound joyous.

Common, don’t be like that. Let’s be friends. I want to be your friend.

So we got talking. One beautiful night, we talked late into the night and became lovers.

He was always calling. I always listened to his programs and he loved it.

We went on for months.

Then one whole day, he didn’t call. We were making arrangements to see already.
I called him the next day and he didn’t pick. I called, called and called. He didn’t answer.

I became worried. I texted him but no reply.

Then one night, he called. I was relieved, happy and worried all at the same time.

Hey. Where have you been? I have been calling for days now. Are you okay? I missed you.

Hey sorry.
I think there might be a mix up somewhere. I saw your missed calls. And wondered who could be calling me for that number of time.

I looked at the contact again. It was him. At least it was his contact. What’s he talking about.

Charles it me..and all the yada yada yada and bla bla bla talks.

He denied me. He said he didn’t know me or what I was talking about. He said so many things and left.

He never took my calls again. I called for like two weeks but not even one was returned.

I was hurting so badly and got irritated by almost everything. I wanted him and I needed him to say it was all jokes.

He never did.

I started healing after a while till I forgot him. He never called again. Neither did I.

That time, I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t just imagine Charles leaving me like that.

We didn’t fight. He didn’t even bring up a fight. He just denied knowing us.

But I started healing. As time went by, time erased him from my life. He never existed and he doesn’t cross my mind anymore.

Nobody is worth dying for. Give the breakup time. Let your heart heal. Cry and wail. You’re going to be fine. Don’t force yourself unto that unworthy life.
Time heals every wound.

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