Once upon a time in 2012, immediately after secondary school, I started to prepare for Jamb. Having failed the post utme I wrote in SS3, it was time to get serious. I enrolled in a jamb lesson.

My first day at the lesson centre, some students kept on talking about one cute shakara government teacher. Unfortunately we didn’t have government that day but the next day.

The following day, the owner of the lesson centre announced to us that the guy couldn’t make it. That was on a Friday. What a heart attack. I was so eager to meet this mysterious fine government teacher.

I counted hours while waiting for Monday to come. Finally it came. I sat in front that day to have a clear and critical stare at the government teacher. He later came. Ooh Lord. He was indeed handsome but had this I don’t care attitude like “I don’t do my students”. Hiaan. Uncle easy!!!

What’s my own, I was observing from a distance. I was seriously crushing but I wasn’t even noticed. Fine girls everywhere. The way they flocked around him got me scared self. They kept on lamenting aboout his arrogance despite all the signs…..

On a very good day the government teacher came to class looking like he exchanged serious blows with someone. His eyes were so red and he told us he was ill.

After class I gathered small courage and approached him. I discovered his laptop which had his final year project in it was stolen the night before together with his wallet. I sympathised with him and left.

I was so happy that day. I got to a corner and took a small run out of joy. We talked. It was like a dream come true. We didn’t talk again. He will always smile and pass while I would wave with so much joy.

At the end of the lesson, few days before jamb, he gave us mock questions and said we should write our contacts on the answer script that he would use it to check on us to know about our jamb scores. I was so happy. At last.

Jamb came and passed. No call. I waited and got tired but I still had hope I was going to see him someday.

I wasn’t able to attend post Utme because of some health issues. so I didn’t see him again.

I later got over him. Admission came and I was given admission in combined social sciences to major in political science.

Due to the long Asuu strike of 2013, school resumed in January 2014. One very sunny afternoon I was running around in the department doing my clearance. I was asking someone on where I could get a particular thing and someone tapped me.

I turned and opened my mouth. He smiled. What a fulfilling day. I prayed not to wake up from that dream. It happened that he was also doing his final clearance.

We exchanged contacts and I left. I wasn’t going to call first so I waited for him to call because he said he was going to call.

He called after two days. That evening and the following day, I moved around with so much fulfilment. I was so happy. The calls and chats continued. After some months, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And in March 2014, I decided to be his girlfriend.

August 2014, he was mobilised for Nysc. We reached an agreement that the relationship might not continue due to the distance. We were open and hoped for anything. But to our surprises, we kept on talking. He called at every opportunity he got. And immediately after camp, he came running back to see me.

We got stronger by the day even with the distance. We talked every now and then like we were together. The distance had nothing on us. The communication was excellent. The only challenge was that we weren’t seeing face to face always.

My first year semester results were not so encouraging. He found out about them and stepped in. At the beginning of every semester he would ask for all my courses. He we would create a target score which he sends to my email. I would print it and paste on the wall in my room.

The argument was that each time I saw the targets, it would ginger me to do better. It worked actually. My performance changed and he did that every other semester till I graduated. Almost all the materials I used for my projects were provided by him.

We kept on growing in the relationship and became best of friends. Life was moving smoothly. I was never left out in making any decisions concerning his line of career. To ensure effective communication, we got a postpaid calling plan.

We had our tough moments. Very very challenging moments that will make us break up on Friday and reconcile on Sunday. Sometimes he will be like I’m not doing again and I’ll tell him to feel free and go that I’m also tired of doing. But two days later we will come running back.

It was not always rossy. We had fights. Deep intense fights but one thing happened. We were quick to make amends. We chose to look on the brighter side of the relationship. We first of all built friendship. The friendship was built on openness and communication.

We talk about everything and anything no matter how small. We did amebo over the phone like we were present.

We have watched each other grow from nothing to something. He has grown into everything I can ever want in a man. I have a friendship that I couldn’t have asked for. We will be five years in the next five months.

When we decided to get married, I didn’t have double mind about spending the rest of my life with him. He completes me. I’m so happy to be walking down this road with him.

So today I bring if to you that we’re getting married next month. I’m excited and very happy for indeed love has called my name.

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